REDALSA, S.A., S.M.E. owns a Dynamic testing system developed to do a complete catchment of track and train behavior and post processing of the data captured with a double objective:

  • Acquire total information in order to improve the operation of trains and locomotives within security and economic standards accomplished with the UNE-EN 12299.
  • Perform an auscultation of the rolling elements to establish a differential analysis in function of the track and locomotive state according to UNE-EN-14363.


With 26 years of experience, the actual system has been conceibed with the measurement criterial of the Dynamic System installed on the Train SIV-1002 in 2010, upgraded with improvements that have been implemented within newer versions.

Unmanned version. The operation of the system is automated and it runs autonomously, saving operating and maintenance costs.

The system is maintenance free: It does not contain elements that generate wear with the use.

Low-cost system: Professional data adquisition system affordable for every railway entity and it is completely customizable in order to adecuate it to the needs of the customer.

The system is composed of several accelerometers placed on the bearing cover, as well as a speedometer and a GPS. Inside of the cabin there is the Control Unit, which will take care of the registry and data management.

The system can be installed stationary or portable way in every commercial train or locomotive.

For the stationary installation the accelerometer will be placed on the bearing covers, the GSS will be in a clear area the best protected as possible and the GPS on the rooftop. The Control Unit Box will be placed inside the cabin above the measured bogie and through electrical pipes the wires will be routed. 220v plug is required.

The portable system works in the same way but the connections are wireless, it is devised to develop auscultations on every train and line with an easy, quick and non-intrusive installation.

The next picture represent an schematic connections to be done for the assembly: