Obtainable data:

The auscultation system, after recording data on the dynamic behavior of the train, processes the information generating the following reports:

  • Comfort Analysis: UNE-12299.
  • Running behavior and security: UNE 14363.
  • Peak analysis (track fatigue) according to the levels established by the Customer.
  • Word format printing of the filtered signals according the customer criteria.

The following information, which can be automated, can be obtained through advanced analysis software.

  • Wavelength wear analysis of short wave.
  • Frequency study due to the movement of the train along the track.
  • Study of the hardness of the track.
  • Study of natural frequencies.
  • Study of the Y/Q, train derailment coefficient.
  • Calculation of the longitudinal profile.
  • Wavelength wear analysis of long wave, as well as pass across rail welding and others long wave defects.
  • Defects in wheels such us thermal cracks, contact fatigue cracks and skidded wheels.
  • Approximation of drag resistance.


BIG DATA: Adicionalmente, mediante sucesivas auscultaciones del mismo recorrido, se puede realizar un histórico de los puntos de interés y realizar una trazabilidad a través de una base de datos dinámica para poder estudiar los resultados a lo largo del tiempo.

Additionally, through successive auscultations of the same route, it is pòssible to make a history of the points of interest and make a traceability with a dynamic database and study the results all over the time.